DKABio Co., Ltd.

Aiming for the goal of precision health with AI, DKABio is the key driver for the health industry ecosystem with the acuity for the healthcare market, the capability of algorithm developing for clients in different industries, and the variety of team members’ background including healthcare, biostatistics, data application, information technology, and marketing. In 2021, DKABio has received investment from MetaAge and become a member of Qisda corporate group, serving as the Group’s key AI engine.



Headquarters – Taipei

Branch office– Suzhou



  • Dec, 2022 – The 19th National Innovation Award renewal.
  • Apr, 2022 – Branch office in Suzhou, China has been established.
  • Jan, 2022 - First high-end clinic has adopted DKABio
  • Dec, 2021 – The 18th National Innovation Award renewal.
  • Dec, 2020 – The 17th National Innovation Award renewal.
  • Oct, 2020 – First insurance company has adopted DKABio.
  • May, 2020 – First health examination center has adopted DKABio.
  • Dec, 2019 – The 16th National Innovation Award
  • Jul, 2019 – First Medical Center has adopted DKABio.
  • Jan, 2019 – First Health Management App has adopted DKABio.

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Searching for partners

DKABio, specialized in algorithm developing of health risk analysis, is a member of Qisda corporate group. We are searching for partners such as health examination centers, medical institutions, insurance companies, nutritional supplement producers, and healthcare industry players who are looking for value-added products and services.

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