Personal Smart Health Risk Prediction System

AI-powered Healthcare

The research team of DKABio is led by veteran medical expert Dr. Ying-Shiung Lee and renowned biostatistician Prof. Kuang-Fu Cheng. Through eight years of research, AI techniques are adopted to help users manage their health by positioning individual's health status and analyzing the risk of getting chronic diseases in the future. Thus, users are able to set clear health management goal before diseases occur and review the effectiveness of health improving.

You might be in sub-health status already!

What does sub-health status mean? People in sub-health status refer to those who are risky of getting chronic diseases in the future but not currently ill yet. Seventy-five percent of the world’s population are in sub-health status. More and more people are realizing the importance of managing their health from a young age, but they don’t know how to start. DKABio is able to precisely position individual’s overall health status through disease risk analysis and identify sub-healthy individuals.

To quantify the effectiveness of health management

DKABio treats human body as an ecosystem. Thus, diseases, organs, and biochemical indicators are all affected by each other. DKABio health score, considering data of genetic, behavioral and environmental aspects, is a vital indicator to position the overall health status and effectively identify sub-healthy individuals. It also points out how individual’s health improvement/degradation in the next 20 years with the changes of age, lifestyle, course of disease, and health examination results!


We help our partners to:

  • To recommend the most suitable health promotion programs, products or services and increase revenue by identify the most effective key factors for health improvement.
  • To precisely target customers, support their health management plan, and enhance customer adherence by identifying sub-healthy people effectively.
  • To quantify the effectiveness of health management and increase customers’ satisfaction by personalized analyses of health risks.

chronic disease analysis

Based on DKABio health score of each individual, the risk of diseases/ symptoms could be predicted with 90% accuracy, and the diseases with higher risk will be filtered. Therefore, users are able to identify their health weakness and improve it. The effectiveness of health improving could be better evaluated through the risk changes over the years.


We help our partners to:

  • To increase the customer retention rate by identifying the diseases with higher risk for customers and make the most suitable health management plan with business partners’ expertise.
  • To increase revenue by accurately recommending products or services based on the diseases with higher risk that DKABio filtered.

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Most comprehensive database of Chinese population

  • A risk analysis system with the largest number of chronic diseases/symptoms in Taiwan.
  • A database of Chinese population, including 5 million people, 20 years long and over 100 million data entries.
  • Constructed of over 1,200 sub-models


Most professional overall assessment model

  • The first health risk analysis engine for the Chinese population that treats human body as an ecosystem.
  • 148 variables including behavioral, genetic, and environmental health factors are considered.


Collaboration with biometric and medical experts

  • Chief consultant - Professor Kuang-Fu Cheng, renowned biostatistician
  • General medical advisor - Dr. Ying-Shiung Lee, veteran medical expert
  • Over 8 years of research and development

Searching for partners

DKABio, specialized in algorithm developing of health risk analysis, is a member of Qisda corporate group. We are searching for partners such as health examination centers, medical institutions, insurance companies, nutritional supplement producers, and healthcare industry players who are looking for value-added products and services.

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